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Kia Sephia/Mentor


2001 kia sportage belt sqeaking

don't know wether it's the belt or the pulley...

42 seconds
how to change brakes

An exclusive educational video on how to change brake pads all by yourself on a ...

9 minutes : 3 seconds

Ok had to replace the headlight bulbs on the kia yet again just changed them not...

4 minutes : 50 seconds
KOLIZJA SUZUKI z CZOŁGIEM ... ( CAR CRASH ) / Tank T 55 AM & ATS crushes car

Car crash in Poland , zlot militarny OPERACJA POŁUDNIE w Bielsku - Białej , CZOŁ...

1 minutes : 22 seconds
Jim Clark Rally 2008

Phil Morton and Jo Hind in a Kia Mentor 'WRC'

9 seconds
Kia Spectra commercial with Jang Nara

Aired since 2002 and its main objective is to view it again on public. *Video co...

33 seconds
car for sale 1997 kia mentor

car for sale 1997 kia mentor very nice car to drive and lots of guts

3 minutes : 28 seconds

KIA Sephia(Mentor) MY'96

32 seconds