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2017-03-21 16:36:43

[How To] Kia Forte Speaker Install (2nd Gen)  |  More info

Alright so this is a guide on replacing the front door speakers as well as the tweeters. This will also be applicable to coaxial speakers and I address that in the video in the last ~3 minutes.

Products used:

1. Rockford Fosgate R165S Rockford Fosgate R165S - $60

2. Parallel Connectors (20-18 gauge)

I'd get these from a local auto parts store. I got 21 pcs for $3

Maybe, but probably not needed:

  • Female Quick Disconnects
  • Speaker Wire

Now, I say maybe because your speakers probably come with the supplies you need.


1. Phillips Screwdriver

2. 12V drill

3. Wire Cutter/Stripper/Crimper

4. Plyers

5. Pry Tools Pry Tools

6. Electrical Tape

7. Super Glue

I installed these into my 2014 Forte LX sedan. I'm sure it will work for 2015 and I'd be willing to bet that it will work for any trim level(LX, EX, or SX) or body style(sedan, coupe, hatchback).

Make sure to comment on the forum post () rather than the video if you want a response from me. My handle there is DoggSinatra.