23:03:46 pauloroxa hi
05:26:18 mario hello....
01:23:11 Parcel Hi, any one know how to replace the air conditioner control, on the facia of a Sedona
22:27:38 jeanmick i search repair manual for kia venga
22:27:17 jeanmick hi all im mickael from france
10:47:38 eusica sorry my english
10:44:31 eusica Hi all. I have problems with noise from my Amanti. Does anyone manual chapter on the body of the vehicle for Kia Amanti. I needed this chapter to see how a few trim pieces and body panels are to be removed for replacement. Thank you!
09:33:18 razzvan_17 crankshaft .. sorry
09:31:49 razzvan_17 any body here are the manual for this engine?
09:31:35 razzvan_17 i want to change the camshaft for G4HG
09:31:05 razzvan_17 Hello
09:17:33 Linne Hi all. I have problems with noise from my Carnival 2,9 CRDI 2007 motor. Can anyone give me a hint from below link ?
23:02:53 Linne motor noise from chain or?, on 2,9 CRDi Carnival, any suggestions?
22:22:55 Parcel Dzień dobry, anyone know what would cause my Sedona to run sluggish. Doesn't have the power it once had...
17:32:18 h_blanghabps hello all, i have a kia rio 2005, first generation ... with A5D engine .. can anyone please tell me where to find the engine number ??
23:27:40 _AK_ MOdel 1996
23:27:30 _AK_ Helloo..can anyone help me find a Kia Rocsta Manual service and repairs manual...Thanks
23:08:06 JAnsell Hi, Folks! Anyone know how to tell if my 2005 Rio RXV is a JB or BC model?
18:59:57 Richard242 Hello every one i need a 2005 kia sorento Diesel manual in English any help please
22:27:39 ahmad club member please help
22:26:26 ahmad i'm looking for kia picanto 2006 Workshop Repair Service Manual please
22:25:30 ahmad hello
05:51:42 Kia1998 Thank you
05:51:27 Kia1998 I want to overall my Kia Grand Sportage 1998 Diesel engine. Please help me in getting Diesel engine repair manuals.
08:19:16 Erzi Is anyone here?
08:18:31 Erzi hello guys
13:15:21 segundina_mundia
13:14:11 segundina_mundia
13:12:40 segundina_mundia hello mga gwapo't mayaman dyan must sa inyo
15:08:02 comfort_auto any interest in CEED tempomat for benzine?
15:07:33 comfort_auto hello all
15:47:04 Demon.k koukam tady se toho člověk asi moc nedozví
15:36:00 Demon.k nebo kde bych se o ní dozvěděl víc podrobností
15:33:56 Demon.k zdravim víte někdo jak je na tom kia magnetis 2.0 16v